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Achieving Independence is dedicated to educating and supporting persons with disabilities, their families and the professionals supporting them.  The following is a comprehensive list of educational videos for your viewing.  We hope that this information is both helpful and enjoyable.  If you find any errors or are unable to upload any of these links, please let us know by writing

NOTE:  For longer videos (over 15 minutes), it will work best if you have high speed internet and if you pause the video when it first begins to run until the entire video has had a chance to upload.

Limited Conservatorships for Persons With Developmental Disabilities Series

This is a series of videos presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq. and Terri Milich from the Dale Law Firm regarding various issues surrounding Limited Conservatorships.  Please note that these videos were produced in May of 2008.  Certain references and statistics may have changed.

INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY  This video introduces the subject of Limited Conservatorships.  The purpose of this video is to educate families about conservatorships and and whether this tool is appropriate for their loved ones  72.51 minutes

INTAKE PROCESS  This video, by Terri Milich, Paralegal assists family members in filling out Intake Forms.  12.39 minutes

MEDICAL DECISION MAKING   This video discusses the issues surrounding medical decision making under Limited Conservatorships.  12.26 minutes

THE LANTERMAN ACT AND IPPS   This video reviews how to use the Individual Program Plan (IPP) as an alternative to a conservatorship.

FEES   This video, presented by educates viewers about the various alternatives and the process involved. 14.3 minutes

Other Educational Workshops:

Basic Benefits of SSI Eligibility - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq overviews public benefits eligibility for SSI.  Please note that the information presented is specific for the State of California.  21.24 minutes

Care Managers - This video clip is from a presentation to Investment Professionals and Care Managers.  This specific section discusses the importance of utilizing Care Managers for long term planning and advocacy.

How Does SSI Regard Homes Owned by Special Needs Trusts?   This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq., reviews important information regarding how special needs trusts affect housing expenses for SSI benefits recipients. 21.24 minutes

The "Ideal" Trustee  This 10 minute educational video discusses the elements of a perfect trustee and is part of a larger presentation on Limited Conservatorship (see below)

Is It Time To Update Your Estate Plan?  This 1 hour YouTube video is from a 2013 webinar by Stephen W. Dale, Esq and discusses what families with special needs need to consider to make sure that their estate plan covers current needs and how new tax laws and budget cuts affect them.  This link (CLICK HERE) is the accompanying PowerPoint..  CLICK HERE for the Intake Form Handout mentioned in the presentation.

Medi-Cal Eligibility - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, discusses Medi-Cal eligibility, especially when someone is not receiving SSI.  Please note, this video was recorded in 2007.  Certain figures have changed. 19.43 minutes

Special Needs Trusts Basics - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, reviews the basic elements and purposes of a Special Needs Trust.  28.24 minutes

Special Needs Trust - Our most popular workshop:

This video provides an in-depth overview of many of the elements affecting a Special Needs Trust including basics benefits, eligibility, Medicare, etc.  This video was recorded May of 2011 and has information specific to California.  Please note that some data and information may have changed or is not transferable to another state.  

Two ways to view this video!  

CLICK HERE to view the entire video (recommended only for viewers with high-speed Internet. 1 hour, 40 minutes 

 to view the first section (1 of 9) of the workshop.  At the end of each segment, you will be given the link to the next segment.  Recommended for viewers with limited Internet speed.  Viewing all segments total 1 hour, 40 minutes.

Please note - if there is no sound when the video starts or you are have problems viewing these videos, this may have to do with personalized browser settings.  Simply hit 'pause' immediately after the video begins to allow the video to completely load.  Once the video is finished loading, hit the 'play' button.

SNT Workshop Part 1 - Introduction

SNT Workshop Part 2 - Who Are We?

SNT Workshop 
Part 3 - An Unkept Promise

SNT Workshop 
Part 4 - Defining the Challenge

SNT Workshop 
Part 5 - Public Benefits Primer

SNT Workshop 
Part 6 - Special Needs Trusts

SNT Workshop 
Part 7 - Wills, Trusts and Planning for Incapacity

SNT Workshop 
Part 8 - Third Party Trusts

SNT Workshop 
Part 9 - Fees for Estate Planning

Professional Education

Professional Education

The Estate Planning Professional Practicing in Uncertain Times - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq, focuses on how to add a social service focus to a professional's special needs outreach. Approx. 1 1/2 hours

Planning for Child Support for Children on Public Benefits - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq. and Janet Brush, Geriatric Social Worker (Senior Alternatives), covers the subject of what a professional needs to understand when addressing child support issues as it applies to children with special needs.  59.42 minutes

Public Benefits Basics - This video, presented by Stephen W. Dale, Esq. was recorded during the 2007 NAMI conference.  It overviews various points and issues surrounding public benefits.  Please note that data and figures may have changed since 2007 and that much of this information is specific to California.  39.8 minutes

Providing for Persons with Disabilities - This video, presented by James M. O'Reilly, Esq. was recorded during the 2007 NAMI conference and reviews how to make distributions from a Special Needs Trust. 34.37 minutes

The Thousand Dollar Tennis Shoes
 - This presentation by Stephen Dale, Esq. reviews the issues and elements of Special Needs Trust management and why Care Managers can positively affect both management and quality of care.  58.03 minutes


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