The Achieving Independence System"> The Achieving Independence System

The Achieving Independence System

 Special Needs Trust 4 Step System


The Achieving Independence System is a process developed by the Dale Law Firm, PC to educate our clients on the issues and decisions that they must deal with in providing for their loved ones with disabilities, where reliable asset management and public benefits are essential.  Explore our materials and videos to learn more.

Would you like to own your own copy of the Achieving Independence Book? This resource is invaluable in helping you to understand the process of creating a Special Needs Trust, as well as helping you to define the individual needs that your Special Needs Trust must serve.

The Achieving Independence Approach for Special Needs Estate Planning Book, authored by Stephen W. Dale, Esq., LL.M, is now available in print version. It will serve as a guide for persons with disabilities and their families, providing information on how to design a plan for a person with a disability. The Achieving Independence Approach focuses on more than just preservation of public benefits, it includes advocacy and quality of life.

Final Cover Achieving Independence

    Chapters Include:

Telling My Story
The Half Kept Promise
Public Benefits
SNT Basics
Types of SNTs
The Ideal Trustee
Funding the Trust
Keeping Your SNT Up To Date

This invaluable resource can be used to help you understand the process of creating a special needs trust, as well and help you to define the exact needs of your trust, allowing Dale Law Firm, or your attorney to create a Special Needs Trust that will fit your individualized needs.

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